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The Ghana Education Trust Fund is accepting applications for Undergraduate (Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Degree Programs) Local scholarships for the 2021/2022 Academic year. The effective opening date for applications is Friday, 21 January 2022 and closing date for applications is Friday, 25th February 2022.

Application Requirements

All applicants are required to complete their application. form via the GETFund Scholarship Portal

  • Scanned copy of signed Application letter
  • Scanned copy of proof of Nationality (Copy of Passport / National I.D Card)
  • Scanned copy of admission letter clearly stating the program duration in it
  • Scanned copy of approved Fee Schedule(2021/22 Academic Year)
  • Scanned copy of Secondary School Certificate results (WASSCE, CTVET, and any other certificate recognised by Ghana Tertiary Education Commission GTEC)
  • Scanned copy of previous academic term transcripts for continuing students (where applicable)
  • Scanned copy of previous Undergraduate Certificate (Degree, HND, Diploma) and corresponding transcript for applicants pursuing another Undergraduate certificate (Degree, HND) (where applicable)

Scan copy of signed application letters to be uploaded should be addressed to;

The Administrator, GETFund P. O. Box MB, 254, Accra.

Applicants should ensure the above requirement have been fully complied with.
- Please note that all correspondence will be done exclusively between the GETFund and the scholarship applicant.

- Please be advised that scholarship applications shall be received through the Scholarship web application form ONLY for processing.

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It is a criminal offence to provide false or deliberately misleading information when filling out your scholarship application form. Procedure for Application

Multiple application by application is an instant disqualification

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Some FAQs to help understand our Scholarship Programme.

What are my chances of gaining a scholarship ?
Every Ghanaian citizen with who meets prerequisite requirement for application has an equal chance of gaining a scholarship.
Which local Universities in Ghana can I get a GETFund undegraduate scholarship for ?
All local Tertiary Institutions accredited by Ghana Tertiary Education Council to run undergraduate courses are eligible for scholarship application.
Can I apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a university?
No. All scholarship applicants are required to have a valid Admission offer letter from a local university to be able to apply for scholarship from the GETFund
How do I know if I am eligible to apply?
The basic eligibility requirement is for an applicant to be a Ghanaian Citizen followed by all other requirements as stated on the Scholarship application portal.
What should I include in my scholarship application letter?
 A scholarship application letter should consist of relevant details in relation to the applicant, the institution of the applicant, the course of the applicant, applicant fees per academic semester, academic year or entire academic duration and other information deemed relevant by the applicant.
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